Thorsgiving Weekend Getaway

Good morning friends! Welcome to the rest of my recap of Thanksgiving!

So the morning after gorging on all the delicious food in the previous post, I woke up and made Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls, a recipe I got from Miss in the Kitchen.  They turned out absolutely amazing, and it was a surprisingly easy recipe with minimal mess!

So I started with a big ball o’ dough…


Which I rolled out into a big square…

And I smeared some of this pumpkin-sugary-cinnamonney gunk all over it.Rolled it all up…

Sliced & diced em and put them in a pan.When they came out of the oven they were lovely…

But not quite lovely enough, so I added some icing!Tada!!

I love these rolls, the dough was so fluffy and amazing, and they were yummy and sugary!! Just the way breakfast should be.

Ali, Cathi and I then went on a very hilly run.  I was miserably out of breath, but you know what, you just cant compete with the views up here!! I mean, i did you read the post before this one?

After another breakfast, showering, and sneaking bites of cinnamon roll, we all packed up and headed for some wine tasting in the Paso Robles area.

First we went to La Cuvier, which just moved its tasting room to the top of this hill…

The view is spectacular, but honestly they are a little hoitey toitey for me.  And I LOVED their old tasting room.  It was a big barn, and inside they kept all their barrels.  Sure it was full of bugs in the summer, but it was so fun.  Plus, remember this bathroom?  The first time I went wine tasting, I remember we went there and I feel in love with its rusticness.  Now its just a fancy house with fancy people drinking fancy wine. BOOO!

Then we went to one of my personal favorites, Adelaida… How many times can one blog about Adelaida? There is at least 3 more on this blog alone!!

I love that since there has been so much rain, the grass grew again, nothing more lovely than bright green grass and red and yellow fall leaves!

After that, we went to our last stop, my other personal favorite, Tolo.  That’s Josh, the owner/winemaker on the right.  You know the rest of the fam.  Sorry the picture is so reddish.. I think Cathi’s hair was casting a glow over the whole room 😉Check out Cath’s new Polaroid camera… Seriously, so awesome.  He dropped the camera about 5 seconds after this pic was taken and Cathi about died!

So that was my Thanksgiving… a whole month later!!!


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