Feelin’ Corny

Yes, I am eating plain corn. Out of a coffee cup. With a Kerropi spoon from eating too much fro yo.  My weirdness will never cease to amaze even me.


The Hobbler Speaks

Good Morning Lovelies!!

The past few days have been very good for me exercise-wise.  Saturday I participated in an urban scavenger hunt (I hope to do a post on that at a later date), which had me running and walking all over Long Beach for 3 hours… hi, sore calves!

On Sunday morning I went to a Level 2 (read, most difficult) hot yoga class at CorePower Yoga with Alison.  This class fantasic- extremely difficult yet fun! We did a lot of twists meant to detoxify the body, and I even got into crow pose for about 1 second! Crow is my nemesis, so I’m hoping with a little more practice, strenght, and less bodyweight I will be able to conquer it, and move into a tripod head stand… scary!  The only downfall to this class was that the instructor didn’t plan out the music too well, so we had to listen to “From this Moment on” by Shania Twain, probably one of the most unbearable songs in music history, at least three times.  Ugh, now that I’m talking about it, it’ll probably be stuck in my head all day.

After making a decision to get my fitness life back on track, I chose a strength cicuit to complete.  This is the workout I did:

I completed this in about 30 minutes, which is great if you’re just trying to sneak in a quick workout, or if you were already exhausted because you worked for 10 hours and all you wanted to do was lay on the couch and finish the 4th book in the series of Percy Jackson and the Olympians… Anyway! There are a lot of variations to this workout to either add or decrease intensity.  To decrease, lessen the weight, but keep the reps as they are.  To increase, you can increase the weights, or do more challenging versions of the exercises themselves. The workout originally called for doing pushups with a leg raise, but I opted for some good old fashioned girl pushups.

Like I said, this work out was fantastic, and got me nice and sweaty and completely wiped me out in less than an hour! Perfect!  I knew I was in trouble when my legs started shaking after I finished, but I didn’t know how much trouble until I woke up the next morning.  Ouch, was I sore!!  I hobbled through the day, but kept my mind focused on going for a run after work.

Luckily, my dad wears many hats in our relationship… father, friend, roommate… and accountability partner! If I didn’t know that he was waiting for me to get home for us to run together there would be no way in hell I would have gone, I mean, I had Percy Jackson & the Olympians to look forward to, remember?  But I went, and it was HORRIBLE.  The abosolute worst run of my entire life.  Okay, maybe that’s exaggerating, but it put up a good fight with the chafing run for the title. I had horrible “side-calf” cramps from ankle to knee (anyone who runs barefoot knows what I’m talking about) that wouldn’t let up.  But I pushed through, stopped a few times for stretch breaks, and got my three miles in.  No matter how horrible, you’re never going to regret a run (unless you get hit by a car and die on said run, then you might regret it).  Good news is, I’ve had so many bad runs in the past few weeks, I’m bound to have one of those really amazing “I can run forever” runs soon, right? Right?!?

Problem is, if I thought I was sore yesterday, I was in for a rude awakening (literally) this morning when I woke up and found that my legs didn’t want to respond to commands.  They are really angry at me today, friends, so it looks like I will spend my Wednesday taking care of my body instead of ripping it apart.  I plan on hitting the chiropractor, sitting in the spa, and icing this evening. And maybe I’ll be able to move again… maybe…

Well I’m off to go hobble around the office, have a great day!


Things I love… right now

Things I love right this second, as of 7:42 on Thursday, January 26.

1. Suri’s Burn Book– Suri Cruise hating on celebrity children. I’m there.

2. Adele.


Clearly I used her as a source of hair inspiration. And of course I’ve been playing “Set Fire to the Rain” non-stop for the past 2 months.  But finally I got adventureous and ventured into the other songs.  Good news, I listened to “Someone Like You” without bawling my eyes out.  Too bad it’s still on the radio every third song.  But as of this second, my favorite is from her album 19, and it’s “Best for Last”.  It’s a good thing my speakers have the ability to be ear-bustingly loud, I can only imagine how horrible my voice sounds singing Adele songs.

3. Joking around about chafing. I found this on Pinterest.

4. The weather in Southern California right now.  It was raining on Monday… hard. I love rainy weather, and my only complaint was that I wasn’t in sweat pants, I was in slacks.  But by the end of the day, the skies had cleared and left this sky:

Then for the past two days its been in the 80’s.  It’s like January and June got in a fight, and June whooped January’s ass!! Forecast says beautiful weather for at least the next week.  Score!

5. This Poly Juice Potion Flask on Etsy.

Someone, please get me this.  Thank you.

Have a good night lovelies!


Okay, first things first. Let’s talk about me.  Lots of changes in this life.  Two weeks ago, I looked like this:

Blonde hair… pretty typical for the past 23 years of life on this planet (only 23 because I was bald for most of my infancy).

Then I changed to this:

Yup, I was psuedo-Ron Weasley-ginger.  And I loved it.  But then for maintenance and upkeep sake, I switched yet again.

Meet the new me!

This looks much more brown than it actually is… in the light you can really see the reddish auburney color.  I’m all about it. Leave me comments on how you’re all about it too (kidding.) (kind of).


That is all.

Brittany’s Seven Pet Peeves of Running

After a long hiatus from blogging, welcome back to a list of complaints about running.

Since my dad and I have decided to run a half marathon I have been hitting the pavement much more often.  Unfortunately, that leads to many pet peeves about running that make me want to scream and junk punch people.

1. Chafing

Today it was 85 degrees in Southern California (suck it East Coast), so I decided to venture out with shorts on.  Shorts + thunder thighs + sweat = uncomfortable chafing. No matter how much I enjoy watching my own leg muscles flex (after watching them be sick blobs on my office chair all day), I will wear capris until the inside of my legs no longer touch.  Come on 20 pounds.

2. Unexpected Knee Pain

After a day of being stuck in the office when I should be laying on a beach somewhere, I was psuedo-excited to venture outdoors in the perfect weather.  That is until I took one step and it felt like my leg exploded.  I kept running, but I wanted to pull the move of the kid in the above picture.

3. Sidewalk Blockers

Hi, I see you running at me full speed.  I will make eye contact with you. I will smile and say hello. I will rock this poncho. But I will not… I repeat WILL NOT move out of my position on the sidewalk to let you pass.  You can run in the grass, peasant. Or even better, go run in the street.

4. Idiots on Bikes

Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife… I’m gonna put a stick in their bike spokes if they pull the same move as the sidewalk blockers.

5. Idiots on Skateboards

I ain’t hating on skateboarding, but I will hate on skateboard hooligans if they insist on following suit of their walking and bike riding brethren and riding straight toward me while they are trying to sound hard about the middle school party they are going to go to this weekend.

P.S. If you happen to know of a breeder that breeds skateboard riding, cigar smoking, wine drinking terriers, please email me their phone number (bkcrail@gmail.com).

6. Old Car Fumes

A) Hippie Brittany hates pollution. B) Running Brittany can’t breathe as it is, please don’t spew you’re 1984 Chevy Nova P.O.S. smog in my face.

7. Dog Poo on the Sidewalk

Hey, Mister, letting you’re dog s**t on the sidewalk, the world isn’t your toilet.  What the hell is wrong with you? If karma exists, the people that let their dog poop on the sidewalk and don’t pick it up will get a special hell that guarantees that everywhere they step in poop. And then, ONLY then, will I feel vindicated.  Until then, I will resort to angrily blogging about it and potentially yelling at people when I see them committing this cardinal sin (potentially because if they look shady, they might have a gun).

Despite it all, I will continue to run.  Mostly because I am committed to finding the bright side, and I keep running maybe I can scratch number 1 off the list.  Too bad for everyone else the decline of humanity is responsible for numbers 3-7.

And with that, I bid you goodnight.

Daddy Daughter Beach Run

Over the weekend, my dad and I decided that we are going to run the San Diego Rock n Roll marathon on June 3rd.  Luckily for us, we have quite a bit of time, because we’re both pretty out of shape. So since we both had Tuesday off of work (floating holidays ROCK!) we decided to drive on down to Newport Beach and start our training off right.

We started off at the peir, and ran our little hearts out for awhile.  Runnin’ aint so bad when you got a view like this!

I should have taken some pictures of some of the super cute beachhouses, but instead I took some pictures of my awesome new shoes.

Pink and orange with reflecty toes!! I  absolutely love these

Overall it was a really fun run, we ran and walked about 3 and a half miles.  I’m feeling pretty good today, but probably a lot better because we went to yoga yesterday.

Did I mention that I have another 4 day weekend this weekend?! Hells yeah!! So I’ll be running again tomorrow. After I sleep in of course.

Have a great night!!

Merry Crail Christmas

Christmas at the Crail home was a lively celebration… full of delicous food, wonderful wine, and the most amazing people IN THE WORLD.  Oh yeah, and Brittany and Nana overbuy.

Look at all them presents!!  Don’t you think that giving presents and watching people’s excitement while opening them is the best feeling in the world?? I do!!

Nana Santa stuffing our stockings!

Dear Hello Kitty– all I wanted for Christmas was you!! Why didn’t you come over?!

But before we get into all the good presents… let’s get into the goodies!  Christmas Eve I baked one of my famous apply pies, but this time instead of leaves, I used a snowflake press.

What do you think of them apples?

I also baked some cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning.  But these weren’t any cinnamon rolls, they were apple cinnamon… with CARAMEL. Wow, eating them certainly brought my heartrate up… talk about a sugar rush.  You can find them here.

Yeah, that just happened…

We at the pie Christmas Eve and the cinnamon rolls Christmas morning.  So the best part about Christnas (besides the awesome amount of family time and the best meal ever) was that Alison and I wore our matching onesies…  AWESOME.

Look at Alison rockin’ all her swag… I got her that hat, it’s a little smushed.

So not that Christmas is all about gifts, but I figured I’d give the rundown.  I got 2 cookbooks, one that my mom made on tastebook.com that I absolutely love.  It is filled with our family recipes and all of mama’s tips and tricks to make our meals delicious.  The best part is that we can add to it!!  The other cookbook is from my celebrity chef crush, Michael Chiarello.  Its his Bottega cookbook.  Get ready for some amazing food upcoming on the blog!!  I also got a couple sweaters, some fun jewelry, 2 pairs of Vibrams (yes, I know I’m spoiled!) and some other odds and ends.  Oh yeah, and my grandpa bought me the prettiest necklace (Hi Pop Pop, I love you and thank you!!).  Overall it was a very successful and practical Christmas, as I got things that I know I’ll use the crap out of!

Now here’s the main finale– Christmas Dinner!!

The first course was lobster bisque.  My mom makes this every year, and she spoils us with the amount of lobster she gives us- 4 tails for 9 people!

So delicious!! It was served with an amazing champage, and thats saying something because I’m not really a champagne person.  Then for our second course, we had prime rib, served with potatoes and green beans and Janet’s famous butterscotch rolls.  Pretty simple, but the prime rib is the star!

The dinner was accompanied by two magnums (2 bottles in one) of Silver Oak

What a great meal.  For dessert we had Nana’s creme brulee, but I was too lazy and it was too delicious for me to get off the couch to take a picture.

It was such a great day.  Every holiday, my family marvels at how blessed we are to be able to spend time with each other and enjoy each other’s company.  And isn’t that what the holidays are all about??

And with that I’ll leave you with Wine Santa!!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!

Taps Wine Tasting Dinner

A few weeks ago, I went to a dinner at Taps Fish House for a wine pairing dinner. Joseph Phelps was the vintner, and his son was there to present the wines, along with a lovely older gent who works for one of the largest liquor distributors in the area.  He was extremely knowledgable about different spirits, and I was lucky enough to have him at my table, sitting next to me, talking about Italy…

 For the first course we had locally caught Catalina squid, with a red pepper coulee. Oh man, this was so amazing, the red pepper had the perfect amount of kick to complement the charred squid. Our next course was quail (not to be confused with Crail), with cheesy polenta, spinach, and a poached quail egg. Oh yeah, and bacon. BACON.  I absolutely loved this little guy… why can’t I eat more quail?The third course was monkfish with roasted veggies and monkfish foi gras.  Please give me more foi gras!

The fourth, and my favorite, course was the beef cheecks with funny (but delicious) mushrooms and a gruyere cheese crisp. With the most amazing sauce ever.  And the beef cheeks were so soft and tender.  Oh now I’m making myself hungry!

For dessert we were served a gingerbread carrot cake with pumpkin spice icecream and cocoa puffs that the chef made from scratch. AMAZING.

Look at me, so happy to be eating so much food and drinking so much wine!!

There were many amazing aspects about this meal, and no downfalls.  The food choices were unique ingredients, and were paired nicely with the wine.  The chef would come out before each course and come to each table to explain his thought process when preparing the meal and what he was hoping we would get out of the pairing.  The wine itself was wonderful, and the service was impeccable.  I know these wine pairing dinners are pricy, but if you have the means and are in the area, and have a passion about delicious food and wine, I would suggest keeping your eye out for the next Taps wine dinner- you might even see me there!!

Thorsgiving Weekend Getaway

Good morning friends! Welcome to the rest of my recap of Thanksgiving!

So the morning after gorging on all the delicious food in the previous post, I woke up and made Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls, a recipe I got from Miss in the Kitchen.  They turned out absolutely amazing, and it was a surprisingly easy recipe with minimal mess!

So I started with a big ball o’ dough…


Which I rolled out into a big square…

And I smeared some of this pumpkin-sugary-cinnamonney gunk all over it.Rolled it all up…

Sliced & diced em and put them in a pan.When they came out of the oven they were lovely…

But not quite lovely enough, so I added some icing!Tada!!

I love these rolls, the dough was so fluffy and amazing, and they were yummy and sugary!! Just the way breakfast should be.

Ali, Cathi and I then went on a very hilly run.  I was miserably out of breath, but you know what, you just cant compete with the views up here!! I mean, i did you read the post before this one?

After another breakfast, showering, and sneaking bites of cinnamon roll, we all packed up and headed for some wine tasting in the Paso Robles area.

First we went to La Cuvier, which just moved its tasting room to the top of this hill…

The view is spectacular, but honestly they are a little hoitey toitey for me.  And I LOVED their old tasting room.  It was a big barn, and inside they kept all their barrels.  Sure it was full of bugs in the summer, but it was so fun.  Plus, remember this bathroom?  The first time I went wine tasting, I remember we went there and I feel in love with its rusticness.  Now its just a fancy house with fancy people drinking fancy wine. BOOO!

Then we went to one of my personal favorites, Adelaida… How many times can one blog about Adelaida? There is at least 3 more on this blog alone!!

I love that since there has been so much rain, the grass grew again, nothing more lovely than bright green grass and red and yellow fall leaves!

After that, we went to our last stop, my other personal favorite, Tolo.  That’s Josh, the owner/winemaker on the right.  You know the rest of the fam.  Sorry the picture is so reddish.. I think Cathi’s hair was casting a glow over the whole room 😉Check out Cath’s new Polaroid camera… Seriously, so awesome.  He dropped the camera about 5 seconds after this pic was taken and Cathi about died!

So that was my Thanksgiving… a whole month later!!!