Adventures in Steel Toed Boots

Hello friends, sorry for not blogging recently but last night my choice was between blogging and walking Scout, and I chose Scout because she’s way cuter than my computer screen! So here is a recap of Sunday, my first day of work (!) and today.
Sunday my family and I went on a shopping extravaganza.  First we went to Kohl’s so I could pick up some pants of the non-skinny variety, and then we went to Boot Barn to get my brand spankin’ new steel toed boots!  Don’t you think I would have looked ridiculous with skinny jeans and steel toed boots on??  Probably not any more ridiculous than I did in my “Trying on Boots Outfit.”

Seriously? Lavender shorts with steel toed boots… I need help!

After our shopping trips, we went back home and I read a book called Sarah’s Key (finished it in less than 24 hours, crrraaazzzyy).  It was really good, I’ll write a review on it and The Help which I finished last week sometime soon.  While I was reading and dad was playing on his new iPad, my mom was creating this masterpiece.  Braised pork loin, Italian baked beans, truffle brussel sprouts, and zucchini and carrots with parmesean cheese. Holy moly it was so good I went back for seconds on the beans!  
We spent the rest of the night just relaxing.  It was “my last day of freedom” so I didn’t really want to do anything. My dad and I sat in the spa, and it was marvelous, especially since we’ve been having such great weather here this week!
Monday morning I had a 5:30 wakeup call, so I just made coffee and a protein shake and hit the road.  In Monday’s shake:
  • 2 scoops vanilla protein powder
  • 3 peices of frozen mango
  • 3 peices of frozen pinapple
  • 1/4 c frozen strawberries
  • 1/8 c frozen blueberries
  • 1 cup almond milk

I really liked this shake because the blueberries were so small that they blended up really nicely.  Usually if you get blueberries that are too large the skin gets stuck in your teeth and you get embaaaarassed 🙂  Don’t I look like a construction worker in my boots?? 
My first day of work was really interesting.  After a couple hours of filling out paperwork and going over benefits, I got shown around the office and warehouse and then went to lunch with my manager and a couple others at Panera bread where I got a cup of chicken noodle soup and half of a roasted turkery sandwich with an apple (less than 400 calories!!).  Then my manager took me over to the Corona branch where I will be working this week, which is nice because my commute is about 4 minutes 🙂  It’s a warehouse and it’s a lot of hard work, but I guess things that make you uncomfortable make you stronger, huh? If thats the case, my feet are going to be very strong, because these boots are killing me.  Since they are high top, they rub against the bottom of my calf/ankle, and it created these huge knots… yuck.
After work I headed over to work with my trainer the Cage Fighter, and then I came home and ate this delicious meal.  My mom cooked up a bunch of chicken breasts by sealing them in the food saver, seasoned, and then boiled them.  They are absolutely fantastic, moist, and full of flavor.   I sauteed some mushrooms and then tossed them both on some lettuce.  I had a cup of tomato soup on the side.

Dad and I sat in the spa again after, because I was freeeeakin’ sore!!  The next morning I woke up and my knots were still really bad, so I did this too them – cotton ball pads and first aid tape (which in hindsight turned out to be a bad idea.  The knots got swollen and turned into bruises- into the holes of the cotton ball pads.  And I had a reaction to the tape and now I have a rash, knots, bruises…. bah humbug!! I thought I was outsmarting the S.T.B’s.
Thank god I had a good smoothie to make it all better!!

In today’s smoothie:

  • 2 scoops vanilla protein powder
  • 1/4 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1/4 cup frozen blueberries 
  • 1 cup fat free milk

That’s right, it say 6:14 on the clock- college friends did you ever think this would happen?
Since I’m in Corona I ran home for lunch to let Scout in the house, where I had a Mexican seasoned chicken breast and another cup of tomato soup.  It was pretty awesome (thanks Mom!). 
After work I went for a run, which was a horrible idea.  First off I had just discovered my circular and dot filled rash, and then once I got going I realized just how terrible my feet actually felt.  As I kept going, I realized that it felt like a mobster had made me some cement shoes… my feet seriously felt like stone!! It was horrible, probably one of the worst runs I’ve EVER had!! But the weather is so awesome I felt bad passing up a day that I could run without melting, I know they will be few and far between after this. Anyway, I came home and went for a dip, and then my dad brought home some groceries and I made us dinner.  TACOS!! So good.

In tonight’s tacos:
  • Taco seasoned lean ground turkey
  • Wheat Flax tortillas (90 calories for 2!!)
  • 1/2 an avocado
  • salsa
  • a little bit of cheese
  • pinto beans on the side
Loved this meal to the max, and those tortillas were absolutely amazing!! I’ll take a picture of them next time I make something with them, but my butt is waaaay too tired to get up and do it now!
Last thing before I crawl into bed and hope that my body recoups over night…
Congratulations to my friend Kate on the birth of her beautiful baby girl, Maggie.  Maggie is beautiful, despite the ultrasound tech’s attempts at making her look like a blobbie, skeletor, or Nessy the Loch Ness Monster.  Of course we all knew that she would be born perfect in every way! Congratulations to the new parents, and look out world, with this combination of accountant farmer and synonym queen positivity lady parents there is no doubt this girl is going to grow up to do some amazing things!!