Merry Crail Christmas

Christmas at the Crail home was a lively celebration… full of delicous food, wonderful wine, and the most amazing people IN THE WORLD.  Oh yeah, and Brittany and Nana overbuy.

Look at all them presents!!  Don’t you think that giving presents and watching people’s excitement while opening them is the best feeling in the world?? I do!!

Nana Santa stuffing our stockings!

Dear Hello Kitty– all I wanted for Christmas was you!! Why didn’t you come over?!

But before we get into all the good presents… let’s get into the goodies!  Christmas Eve I baked one of my famous apply pies, but this time instead of leaves, I used a snowflake press.

What do you think of them apples?

I also baked some cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning.  But these weren’t any cinnamon rolls, they were apple cinnamon… with CARAMEL. Wow, eating them certainly brought my heartrate up… talk about a sugar rush.  You can find them here.

Yeah, that just happened…

We at the pie Christmas Eve and the cinnamon rolls Christmas morning.  So the best part about Christnas (besides the awesome amount of family time and the best meal ever) was that Alison and I wore our matching onesies…  AWESOME.

Look at Alison rockin’ all her swag… I got her that hat, it’s a little smushed.

So not that Christmas is all about gifts, but I figured I’d give the rundown.  I got 2 cookbooks, one that my mom made on that I absolutely love.  It is filled with our family recipes and all of mama’s tips and tricks to make our meals delicious.  The best part is that we can add to it!!  The other cookbook is from my celebrity chef crush, Michael Chiarello.  Its his Bottega cookbook.  Get ready for some amazing food upcoming on the blog!!  I also got a couple sweaters, some fun jewelry, 2 pairs of Vibrams (yes, I know I’m spoiled!) and some other odds and ends.  Oh yeah, and my grandpa bought me the prettiest necklace (Hi Pop Pop, I love you and thank you!!).  Overall it was a very successful and practical Christmas, as I got things that I know I’ll use the crap out of!

Now here’s the main finale– Christmas Dinner!!

The first course was lobster bisque.  My mom makes this every year, and she spoils us with the amount of lobster she gives us- 4 tails for 9 people!

So delicious!! It was served with an amazing champage, and thats saying something because I’m not really a champagne person.  Then for our second course, we had prime rib, served with potatoes and green beans and Janet’s famous butterscotch rolls.  Pretty simple, but the prime rib is the star!

The dinner was accompanied by two magnums (2 bottles in one) of Silver Oak

What a great meal.  For dessert we had Nana’s creme brulee, but I was too lazy and it was too delicious for me to get off the couch to take a picture.

It was such a great day.  Every holiday, my family marvels at how blessed we are to be able to spend time with each other and enjoy each other’s company.  And isn’t that what the holidays are all about??

And with that I’ll leave you with Wine Santa!!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!